Monday, 4 August 2014

Submit Letter of Inquiry to Firelight Foundation for Safe Communities, Resilient Children initiative

Deadline: 15 August 2014
Organizations already working on child rights, child protection, or activities that help build children’s emotional health in Tanzania and Zimbabwe are invited to submit Letters of Inquiry for the Safe Communities, Resilient Children initiative of Firelight Foundation.
Grant applications can be made for $1000 to $15000.
Key Dates
  1. 15 August 2014 – Submission deadline for Tanzania
  2. 29 August 2014 – Submission deadline for Zimbabwe
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicant organization must have leadership with vision, knowledge, and facilitative approach.
  • Applicant must have sound organizational governance including distinct roles between the Board and Director.
  • Applicants must be registered with the local government.
  • Applicants must have sound organizational management – basic systems for managing financial resources, good documentation, competent staff, and resourceful leveraging of resources.
  • Applicants must have deep understanding of the issues affecting children locally. They should have knowledge of the local community, its culture, social norms and key influential leaders.
  • Proposed program must be aimed towards the whole development of children with well articulated goal, strategy, and results to be achieved.
For more information, please visit Firelight Apply for a Grant.

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