Monday, 4 August 2014

The Urgent Action Fund for Women Human Rights Defenders

Deadline: Ongoing
The Urgent Action Fund for women’s human rights, a global women’s fund to protect, strengthen and sustain women and transgender human rights defenders at critical moment, accepts grant applications for immediate support to women/transgender human rights defenders under its Rapid Response grant. These are the funding tool used to support interventions by activists in a strategic and timely manner.
  1. Potentially precedent-setting legal or legislative actions, or actions that aim to protect a precedent that has already been set.
  2. Protection and security of women human rights defenders – the Evacuation grants fall under this category.
Areas of Work
  • Peace building
  • Environmental Justice
  • Land Rights
  • Sex Worker Rights
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Reproductive Rights
  • and Other Issues
The activists applying for the Rapid Response Grant will receive response within 72 hours and funds disseminated within a week. Grant request up to $5,000 are considered for funding.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Grant proposals must be for the action that promotes the advancement of women’s human rights.
  • The specific event or situation the applicant’s organization is responding to should be unanticipated and action must happen quickly to be effective.
  • The applying group must have the support of others involved in women’s human rights or related fields, locally or globally.
  • Women/transgender people must be the primary decision-makers in the organization, group, or action.
  • Applications can be submitted in any language and any time of the year.
Are you from Africa? Apply for Urgent Action Fund-Africa.
Do you belong to Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean? Apply for Urgent Action Fund-Latin America.
For more information, please visit Apply for a Grant.

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