Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Elsevier Foundation grants for Libraries in developing countries

The Elsevier Foundation seeks proposals for single-year grants aimed at supporting Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries. The size of grants ranges from US$5,000 to US$50,000. Proposals will be accepted for multi-year programs (up to three years) for grant amounts of US$5,000 to US$50,000 per year.
The Innovative Libraries program supports capacity-building projects in the fields of science, technology and medicine – through training, education, infrastructure digitization and preservation of information.

The Elsevier Foundation supports the efforts of libraries to enhance the quality of life in developing countries by advancing knowledge in science, the social sciences technology and medicine. The Foundation provides one, two and three year grants to libraries in the developing countries and supporting organizations:

- Programs to enhance library infrastructure, technology or information services in ways that significantly expand their ability to make STM (scientific/social sciences, technical and medical) information available to those who need it — researchers, clinicians, students, policymakers and the wider public.

·         Programs that expand library information resources in the developing world through digitization or preservation of information that advances science, health, the environment, and indigenous knowledge.

·         Training and education programs for library staff, students or researchers, contributing to sustainable improvements in the library’s capacity to provide STM information in the developing world.

·         Partnerships between libraries in the developing countries and institutions in the developed countries to provide technical assistance or training. Developed country partner organizations include libraries, learned societies, universities, intergovernmental organizations and other non-profit organizations.

The Elsevier Foundation will give preference to proposals clearly demonstrating the following:

·         Innovation in improving the use of STM information

·         A high degree of potential impact on society in the developing world

·         Programs that will serve as models for other institutions and countries

·         Programs that enhance international partnerships or exchange between individuals and institutions

·         Realistic budgets tied to measurable outcomes

·         Sustained financial and programmatic viability

·         Programs that have institutional supports

·         Programs leaders or institutes with record of past success

·         Create and promote collaborative networks across institutions and/or disciplines

·         A willingness to draw from the expertise and experience of previous grantees

·         Have specific plans for sustainability beyond the funding period

·         Embody plans for dissemination beyond the awardee organization of policies, procedures, and “lessons learned” that are developed during the funding period.

Last date for submitting the proposals is September 15, 2011

For more information and details, please visit this link.

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