Wednesday, 20 July 2011

SOS Call for proposals

Save Our Species (SOS) has issued a call for proposals for Threatened Species Grants and for Rapid Action Grants.
Threatened Species Grants

Threatened Species Grants will be awarded to projects of 12 to 24 months in length addressing threats to threatened species listed in the current SOS Strategic Directions and having a high chance of generating rapid positive impact.

Threatened Species grants require the provision of co-funding from the applicant. Current Strategic Directions are: Critically Endangered Birds, Threatened Amphibians and Threatened Asian and African Mammals.

Size of Threatened Species Grants is up to US$25,000.

Rapid Action Grants

Rapid Action Grants will be awarded to support a special class of projects aimed at addressing urgent and imminent threats that require targeted specific action, with high chance of generating rapid positive results.

Rapid Action Grants do not require co-funding from the applicant and do not need to target species currently listed in the SOS Strategic Directions as long as their targeted species are threatened according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Applications for Rapid Action Grants can be submitted on an ongoing basis. The maximum duration of projects will be 12 months.

Size of Rapid Action Grants is US$25,000 to US$800,000

Selection Procedure

In selecting successful projects, SOS will strive to maintain a balance between the geographic location of projects, the diversity of species, “charismatic” and “neglected” species, the strategic priorities, the size of grants disbursed and the type of recipients among the best quality proposals. In general, applicants should keep in mind that SOS aims to create a diversified portfolio of grantees and projects to better meet SOS’s conservation objectives.

The process is likely to be highly competitive and, given the limited budget, large grants over US$200,000 will be limited in number.

Last date for submitting the applications is August 12, 2011

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