Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Japan Water Forum funding opportunity for developing countries

The Japan Water Forum (JWF) beginning July 13, 2011 will be accepting applications from grass-roots organizations in developing countries involved in resolving water and sanitation problems to apply for the JWF fund 2011.
What kind of projects can be awarded the grants from JWF Fund 2011?

Only projects planned and faithfully implemented to solve the current water and sanitation problems by grass-roots organizations in developing countries will be considered.

These projects include for example:

  • Installation of rainwater-harvesting tanks, ponds or digging wells;
  • Development of small scale water supply systems;
  • Building new toilets and upgrading existing sanitation facilities;
  • Prevention of water-related disasters projects;
  • Establishment and encouragement of water-efficient irrigation;
  • Solving gender issues on water and sanitation;
  • Water environment restoration activities.

Applicant Eligibility

Any grass-roots organizations in developing countries involved in resolution of water and sanitation problems. National governments, Local governments and private companies will not be selected.

Grant Size

Up to 1,000(one thousand) US$ per project/organization. Only one project will be accepted from one organization

JWF suggests that your proposed project includes capacity-building/ awareness-raising programs. If your project is only capacity-building/ awareness-raising program, it may not be selected. The presented project must be implemented by March 31, 2012.

The deadline for submitting the applications is July 27, 2011

For more information and details, please visit this link.

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