Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hague Academy Seminar Scholarships

The Hague Academy offers limited number of scholarships (covering the registration fee, travel and accommodation expenses) for attending the Seminar for Advanced Studies in Private and Public International Law for Professionals to candidates from developing countries and countries in transition.
The eighth session of the Seminar for Advanced Studies shall take place in The Hague Academy of International Law, with a group of 25 to 30 participants. The topic of the session is: Responding to the Challenges of Natural and Industrial Catastrophes – New Directions for International Law.

Lectures and seminars will be conducted in English.

The amount of the registration fee for the session is 3’000 Euros. Travel and accommodation expenses are not included in the registration fee. On request, accommodation for the period of the seminar can be arranged by the Academy.

The seminar is directed chiefly at practitioners including government lawyers and policy makers, judges, counsel in private practice or corporate positions and international civil servants, working in the field of international law and who need an intensive training or a refresher course in the public and private international law aspects of natural and industrial catastrophes. In addition, participants will include those seeking more knowledge of the issues because of anticipated involvement or concern with the implications

Issues to be covered during the one week seminar:


Public International Law and Liability

·         International Environmental Law

·         Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters and Humanitarian Assistance

Law and Legal Issues in International disaster Response

·         International Humanitarian Law, International human rights, Internally Displaced People and Refugees Law in the case of Natural and Industrial Disasters

·         Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters

“Meet the ICJ” session: The ICJ’s Practice in the field of Natural and Industrial Catastrophes

International Responsibility

·         International Responsibility for Transboundary Harm

·         International Liability Regimes for Transboundary Harm

Private International Law and Liability

·         Transnational Civil Liability

·         International Legal Co-operation and Litigation

·         International Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

·         Mass Claims

·         Compensation and Insurance

Multilateral Crisis Management following an Industrial or Natural Catastrophe

·         Preparation of a Response Plan

·         Mock Negotiations of Plan for responding to Hypothetical Catastrophe including Preparation of Emergency Response for All Affected Parties

Final Roundtable

Last date for applications is August 31, 2011

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