Thursday, 28 June 2012

Berghof Foundation’s Grant for Innovation in Conflict Transformation

The Berghof Foundation is dedicated to supporting conflict stakeholders and actors in their efforts to achieve sustainable peace through peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The Foundation’s grantmaking budget supports state-of-the-art conflict transformation projects that complement its operational activities in various synergistic ways.

Amongst the three grant programmes maintained by the Foundation, the Grant for Innovation in Conflict Transformation has currently issued a call for proposals 2012. This year, the thematic focus is “Virtual Spaces for Conflict Transformation” to support projects exploring the role of internet based platforms and social media as a catalyst for conflict transformation. The proposals should contribute to:
  • conceptualising virtual ‘Spaces for Conflict Transformation’ in the area of conflict research, peace support and peace education;
  • improving existing tools and platforms to support conflict transformation with means of virtual communication,
  • information and social networking;
  • creating new tools and platforms to support conflict transformation in local, regional and global settings;
  • providing ‘lessons learned’ from the use of virtual tools for violence prevention, crisis management and conflict transformation;
  • developing ‘virtual’ learning and information platforms aimed at socialising a culture of nonviolence.
There are no geographic limitations for this programme. Both organisations and individuals are eligible to apply. There is no minimum grant request, and the maximum grant amount is 30,000 Euro per year. The maximum project duration is two years. Willingness on the part of the applicant to provide matching funds is regarded favourably.

The deadline to submit proposals is 7 July 2012. For more information, visit this link.

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