Tuesday, 26 June 2012

LOTT Fellows Program for emerging professional women

The LOTT Fellows Program challenges college-aged as well as emerging professional women to see their role in furthering women’s leadership in all sectors of society. LOTT fellows are challenged to envision themselves as current leaders and plan for future leadership opportunities. The program is designed to develop young women’s potential to lead professionally, personally in their communities. 

LOTT Fellows Program accomplishes this through:
  • ·         Intensive seminars
  • ·         Mentoring
  • ·         Networking with today’s promising young women
Fellows and mentors embark on an exciting journey of partnership, reflection, coaching and inspiration over the course of three months. Activities will include interactive discussions, a variety of guest speakers, and one-on-one mentoring.

The LOTT Fellows Program brings together women from diverse backgrounds and creates collaboration. Our program brings women together under the belief that women’s leadership is different and necessary. This program work on developing complete leadership, providing skills that can be used professionally and personally

Mentorship is highly significant to develop women’s leadership throughout our community. The LOTT Fellows Program matches Fellows with a mentor who can challenge her abilities, provide resources in her development and serve as a role model. LOTT mentors are not only career coaches; they are selected based upon their abilities to connect with young women and provide leadership development. Without willing mentors, the LOTT Fellows Program would not be effective.  

2013 LOTT Fellows Program Schedule:
September 14, 2012- Deadline for Mentor Applications
October 19, 2012- Deadline for Fellow Applications
November 14, 2012- Mentors Orientation
November 27, 2012-Fellows Orientation
February 2, 2013- Fellow and Mentor Workshop #1-Discovering Your Strengths
March 2, 2013- Fellow Workshop #2-Leading in a Male Dominated World
March 30, 2013- Fellow Workshop #3-Networking and Communications
April 27, 2013- Fellow Workshop #4-Presenting  Your Best Self: Resumes, Interviews and Long Term Success
April 27, 2013- Program Dinner and Graduation
For further information, visit the link.

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