Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The El-Hibri Peace Education Prize in the field of peace education

The purpose of El-Hibri Peace Education Prize is to recognize individuals or organizations for their contributions to the field of Peace Education. The main aim of the prize is to increase awareness for the positive impact peace education work has on people.

Incorporated in 2007, Fuad and Nancy El-Hibri were approached and requested to raise awareness about peace work. The El-Hibri Peace Education Prize accredits outstanding individuals or organizations in peace education demonstrating successful and innovative approaches to promote peace and social justice globally.

The major goal of The El-Hibri Peace Education Prize:
  • To promote the importance of peace education globally by recognizing individuals and organizations for their work.
  • To encourage the integration of knowledge about peacemaking into curricula at all levels of education; and
  • To reward innovative approaches to the theory, practice, and teaching of peace and social justice.
The Prize is awarded annually at the El-Hibri Peace Education Prize Ceremony in Washington, DC.
Deadline: 15 July 2012
For further information, visit the link.

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