Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jacobs Scholarship for Global Understanding

Jacobs University Bremen announces additional scholarships exclusively to applicants who complete the Abitur in Germany.  This scholarship aims to support students showing a deep interest in international as well as intercultural understanding who demonstrate superior academic achievement, leadership skills, involvement in student affairs and community service, recognized achievement in fields of endeavor as the performing arts, sports, debating or creative writing, or external academic competitions and examinations.

Potential candidates will have to apply through our regular admissions process for undergraduate programs. This includes the submission of Standard English proficiency test. For this particular scholarship, no additional application and no US-based SAT or ACT standardized test scores are required. All applications for our fall 2012 Semester (beginning in the last week of August with the Orientation week) must be completed by our final deadline of June 15.

Potential candidates for the Jacobs Scholarship for Global Understanding will be identified during the admissions process in all three rounds, and top candidates will be invited for the Scholarship Days. This selection program will take place on our campus in Bremen from Sunday 1 to Tuesday 3 July 2012. Abitur students, interested in being considered for these special scholarships, should reserve these dates in case they are invited attend the Scholarship Days. Participation is mandatory to be considered for Jacobs Scholarships for Global Understanding. Selected students will be notified in advance of the event and receive further information.

During this selection program, candidates will attend a personal interview with the Scholarship Committee, take part in an intercultural group workshop to prove their personal interest in global understanding and English-language ability. In addition, they will have to pass an institutional written test in English similar to the ACT or SAT test. Moreover, the program gives the applicant a first-hand experience of the Jacobs campus by staying in one of the residential college rooms, attending sample lectures, a campus tour and social activities. Accommodation and food during this workshop will be provided by Jacobs University. Travel expenses must be covered by the candidate.

The following scholarships will be awarded:
  • Two full tuition scholarships: 20.000 € each p.a.
  • Three 2/3 tuition scholarships: 15.000 € each p.a.Five ½ tuition scholarships: 10.000 € each p.a.
These scholarships may be renewed for all three years of the undergraduate program. For renewal a minimum grade point average (GPA) has to be maintained. Jacobs University considers students of any nationality for our Jacobs Entrance Scholarships and other scholarships provided they have submitted a complete application, including SAT or ACT test scores. Scholarship decisions are then provided earlier in the admissions season. German students who have pursued the Abitur track and have applied early, with an SAT or ACT, will be considered for both the general Jacobs Entrance Scholarship as well as for the Jacobs Scholarship for Global Understanding.
Our institutional financial aid packages enables cover the remaining costs for tuition, room and board. The financial aid offers will remain valid and only will be recalculated should an additional scholarship be offered. This funding may retroactively alter and/or replace any aspect of financial aid package.
Deadline: June 15, 2012
For further information, visit the link.

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