Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Harvard Law School LLM Scholarships

Harvard Law School LLM Scholarships for Lawyers and Activists from Developing countries.
Recipients of the Stoffel Scholarship will be required to engage in all classroom and related academic activities necessary to fulfill the requirements of the LL.M. degree.

The Stoffel Scholarship will include a financial award of up to $33,000.

The exact amount of the award will be determined by the Scholarship's selection committee, based on the applicant's professional and academic record, as well as demonstrated financial need.


Lawyers and/or activists from non-governmental organizations in the developing world who have at least a two-year proven track record in human rights and who have been admitted to the LL.M. Program are eligible for a Stoffel Scholarship.


Scholarship recipients will be expected to prepare a brief report outlining Any applicant to the LL.M. Program at Harvard Law School who needs financial aid and meets the eligibility conditions listed above may apply for the Stoffel Scholarship by checking the applicable box on the Graduate Program Financial Aid Application Form.

Stoffel Scholarship applicants must also complete the rest of the Financial Aid Application Form and submit it with their LL.M. application to the Graduate Program.
Mindy Jane Roseman, Academic Director, Human Rights Program, Pound Hall 401, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA 02138. USA. Phone: 617-495-6912, Email:

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