Monday, 8 August 2011

Human Rights Prize of the French Republic Call for Applications

The Human Rights Prize of the French Republic was created in 1988 to honour and award individuals or organizations working across the world for human rights. The award is presented irrespective of nationality or borders for the work undertaken in France or abroad. The 2011 Human Rights Prize of the French Republic, ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’, will be presented by the Prime Minister of the French government.
Interested NGO will have to present a field mission or project undertaken in France or abroad, concerning one of the two themes for 2011.

Theme 1: The fight against human rights violations on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

A large number of countries throughout the world still prohibit sexual relations between adults of the same sex, with some countries even going as far as applying the death penalty. The criminalisation of homosexuality goes hand in hand with discriminatory laws and attacks on individual freedom and privacy, cruel or degrading treatment, arbitrary detention and extra-judicial executions. Following the ‘Declaration on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’ of December 2008, France made a commitment by creating a fund within the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs intended to finance the information and awareness-raising initiatives of local, national and regional authorities, and also initiatives concerning defense, protection and legal access for LGBT people. The projects awarded with the Human Rights Prize can be related to actions intended to combat the criminalisation of homosexuality, human rights violations linked to sexual orientation and gender identity, and prejudices.

Theme 2: Combating violence against women

Combating violence against women has for several years been a clear priority of French policy on human rights advocacy, whether it be at national, regional or international level. Therefore, in the same year as combating violence against women was declared a national grande cause, the law of 9 July 2010 concerning violence specifically against women, violence within couples and the impact of the latter on children was passed, promoting preventive measures and the protection of women. Whether they relate to violent acts committed in times of peace or war, the projects awarded the prize could be linked to initiatives to prevent such violence, to protect and support victims, to promote gender equality and to combat discrimination and the impunity of perpetrators.

Five prize winners will share a total award of €75,000 granted by the Prime Minister of France.

A special mention will be conferred on the five runners-up.

The jury will announce the winner on 9 November 2011. The 2011 prize will be presented by the Prime Minister in a formal ceremony in Paris around 10 December 2011.

Last date for submitting the application is September 16, 2011

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