Monday, 8 August 2011

LAUNCH invites submissions from innovators for Energy Challenge

LAUNCH is a global initiative of NASA, USAID, Department of State and NIKE to support the innovative ideas, work, technologies or programs capable of finding solutions for the challenges faced by the common people and the society. LAUNCH is inviting submissions for its Energy Challenge with the aim to identify innovations having potential to transform current energy systems and support a more sustainable future.
Submission Categories

LAUNCH seeks submissions from innovators in the following categories:

        Energy Generation: Renewable energy sources and technologies

        Energy Harvesting and Storage: Innovative methods and processes to collect and store energy

        Industrial Applications: Self-sufficient industrial facilities and/or hubs (such as energy management systems and self-powered wireless sensors)

        Community Applications: Self-contained generation systems (for settings from individual homes to small communities, including next generation cookstoves for the developing world, MicroGrid solutions, and other solutions for the developing world)

        Financing: New business models or financial strategies that promote creation of or access to innovative systems or technology

        Education to inform, align and encourage best energy practices by consumers, utilities, and policy makers

        Deployment: Programs, tools and networks to enable adoption and use

Eligibility Conditions

Responses from companies (small to large), entrepreneurs, inventors, social enterprises, non-profit organizations (with strong program implementation capacity), research institutions (with viable “spin-out” technology and venture capitalists (on behalf of their portfolio companies) are welcome to apply. Applicants in all categories should be poised to pilot-test, “go to market” and/or scale up their innovations. A principal from your organization must be available to attend the LAUNCH: Energy Forum at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida from November 10 – 13, 2011.

Evaluation Criteria

LAUNCH will assess innovations using the following Technical Requirements:

        Impact: Applicant’s proposal should demonstrate how the innovation will affect the maximum population for the least resources, with the scale-up goal in the “millions of people reached/affected” range

        Timeframe: LAUNCH is most interested in reviewing proposals in which scale up and impact can be realized within 1–3 years.

        Affordability: Low-cost, especially for developing markets.

        Appropriate Technology: Requires an efficient use of resources to implement and maintain. Resources required must be obtainable in the region of interest.

        Strong business or program model: Economically viable and replicable.

Last date for submitting the proposals is September 9, 2011.

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