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 Deadline November 30, 2014.

Grin City Collective's Artist & Writers Residency Program offers 3-week or 6-week long residencies for writers, visual and performance artists on a 320-acre farm in Central Iowa. Residents receive a private studio, bedroom and a collaborative working atmosphere. Artists over the age of 21 at any stage of their career may apply.

Grin City is above all a collaborative, supportive working atmosphere. We welcome artists interested in exposure to rural America and local agriculture and those who wish to share their creative work with this community.

Following Grin City's philosophy of art as a social practice, we offer residents the opportunity to participate in a variety of community-focused art initiatives throughout the year. Residents interested in organic farming may also opt in for an immersive work experience with Middle Way Farm, our on-site CSA and market garden. Residency fees vary based on outreach program selected. See below for details.

Spring, Summer and Fall session residencies are available. Sessions are broken into two three-week blocks and residents elect to stay for either three-week or six-week blocks. All residents arrive and depart on the same days. If applying for the Social Practice Outreach Project, be sure your interests and skills align with the project during the 3-week block you are applying for. Some projects will have specific calls for applicants. Others will be open to all.



Social Practice Project
As part of our commitment to sharing art and cultural experiences with our Iowa community, Grin City performs a variety of social practice art projects throughout our area. Projects could include building public sculptures, hosting workshops with elementary school students, or putting together a gallery show for a rural community.
Residents apply on a project basis. Those selected work collaboratively 12 hours/week on this single project for the entirety of the 3-week block. Some projects will have specific calls for skills, such as writing or woodworking or puppetry. For these, residents will be selected based on their suitability to these activities. Other projects, such as our pop-up gallery events, will be open to all interested artists without restriction. Visit the Project Schedule to learn what projects we have coming up.
Residency fees: $100/week

Garden Outreach

Love fresh, seasonal food? Learn the ins and outs of small-scale, commercial vegetable growing on our on-site organic farm, Middle Way Farm, a 2-acre operation that serves the greater Grinnell area. Farmer Jordan Scheibel is looking for residents with a desire to learn more about agriculture who don't mind strenuous outdoor work in all conditions. Residents work 12-15 hours per week on the farm and participate in all aspects of the operation, including greenhouse transplant production, planting, field work, harvest, and post harvest handling, depending on the season and needs of the farm. There will be numerous opportunities for education and discovery both in and out of the field. Early morning starts (7-8 am) are required. Residents will be paid a wage of $8 per hour plus will have access to abundant unmarketable produce. More hours may be available at particular points during the season if desired.
Residency Fees: $200/week ($96 weekly wage is paid during your stay)

No Outreach

Your time and space are entirely your own. Spend the whole residency in your studio or wandering the property, whatever you choose.
Residency fees: $200/week
Note: Once a week ALL ARTISTS are expected to participate in a half hour cleaning session to keep our residency in good condition, as well as a weekly potluck where we welcome the community to tour our studios. To ensure that artists learn a little about the land on which they are staying, all artists are also asked to participate in one day of garden work for each 3-week block they are in residence.

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