Tuesday, 17 June 2014

GBP25,000 Grants to Media Legal Defence Centers by MLDI

eadline: 23 June 2014

Independent media and journalists who act as voice of the voiceless are always in threat. If their rights are well protected and defended, more stories will be published, broadcast and made live in the internet. The Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) invites grant proposals from organizations and groups to provide legal assistance to independent media, journalists and bloggers in India.

The Media Legal Defence Initiative is a non-governmental organization which helps journalists, bloggers and independent media outlets around the world defend their rights. The support aims to ensure the journalists who work on print, broadcast or online media that they have good lawyers to defend them. MLDI believes that the media and journalists can better fight for the rights of people if their right is secured.

The MLDI offers financial assistance to Media Legal Defence Centres that already have a legal unit or those who wish to establish a legal unit. Grant request can be made up to GBP25,000 to support journalists and independent media in India for a period of one year.

Supported Activities

  • Provide legal assistance to journalists or media outlets that face legal proceedings because of their work.
  • Engage in strategic litigation to bring local law and practice in media cases in line with international standards on freedom of expression.

Priority is given to proposals that

  • Respond to a demonstrated need on the ground
  • Increase the geographical coverage of the Media Legal Defence Initiative
  • Are likely to have a high impact on protecting media freedom

Note: Applicants are requested to submit an application first to check whether they are eligible for the fund or not. Option is to contact MLDI and get assistance from the staff. Applications must be submitted via online application system.

For more information, please visit MLDI.

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