Saturday, 14 June 2014

The BBVA Foundation Research Grants worth €400,000 in Climate Change and Development Cooperation

Deadline:  30 June 2014
Interested candidates from around the globe are invited to submit applications for the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge and Culture Awards. The BBVA Foundation promotes scientific research of excellence by funding research projects, disseminating the results to society through diverse channels including symposia, workshops, lectures, publications and exhibitions, and providing advanced training and research awards.
The major purpose of this award is to encourage world-class research and artistic creation, prizing contributions of broad impact for their originality and theoretical significance.
Focus Domain: Climate Change & Development Cooperation
Other Domains: 
  • Scientific and Technological Research
  • Contemporary Classical Music
Award Categories:
  1. Climate Change
  2. Development Cooperation
  3. Ecology and Conservation Biology
  4. Information and Communication Technologies
  5. Economics, Finance and management
  6. Biomedicine
  7. Contemporary Music
  8. Basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
Eligibility criteria:
  • Candidates shall be one or more natural persons of any nationality, without limitation of number in the case of convergent contributions to a given advance, whether due to a formal collaboration (with the candidate(s) belonging to one or more groups) or parallel working.
  • In categories Climate change and Development cooperation, entries are also open to agencies and organizations in the public or private sector (not-for-profit in the latter case) under the conditions stipulated in the preceding paragraph, providing their institutional or organizational purpose is to undertake activities relating to climate change or development cooperation.
  • Awards may not be granted posthumously.
  • Winners of the Nobel Prize in any of its categories and past winners of the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge and Culture Awards shall likewise be entitled to nominate. The BBVA Foundation may also invite nominations from researchers and creative practitioners who have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields.
  • The same institution may nominate more than one candidate without limitation of number, but no candidate may be nominated for more than one award category.

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