Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation for Organizations in Developing Countries

Deadline: 1 July 2014
The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation is accepting grant applications from organizations in the developing world for projects that demonstrate strong local leadership, promote professional development in the conservation, agricultural, and health sciences; develop the capacity of local organizations; and address a particular problem in the field.
Primary Fields of Interest
  1. Conservation – to improve ecological and environmental conditions in the developing world. Supports are provided to field research and related research activities, training, and technical assistance efforts that help conserve viable ecosystem and protect biological diversity in developing countries; and train local leaders in conservation and protection of resources.
  2. Food – to improve access to food for consumption in developing countries. Projects that promote or develop specific sustainable agriculture practices with potential to advance science and practice in other countries; develop new approaches that address fuel and resource problems related to food production and preparation in developing countries; explore and refine innovative education and training interventions for small scale food producers and farmers; and advance new approaches to control pests and diseases affecting important food crops of developing countries are supported.
  3. Health – public health programs that are preventive rather than curative in nature. It supports research, technical assistance, and training projects that improve public health through community-based efforts that address health promotion, disease prevention, family planning, and reproductive health; and increase the understanding and treatment of tropical diseases
Grant request can be made up to $25,000. There is no minimum bar.
Eligibility Criteria
  • One organization can submit only one proposal in any calendar year.
  • Returning applicants should submit an interim report with all copies of the proposal for renewal.
  • Request for matching grant or joint grant (for projects funded by other sources) are accepted.
Note: Remember to check on the left sidebar. Find guidelines, concept application instructions and other relevant documents and read them before beginning with the application.
For more information, please visit How to Apply.

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